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3 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance in Singapore

Summer has already begun and you can’t wait for your trip to your exciting destination. You have booked your tickets, your accommodations, and perhaps even the attractions you want to see in advance. Everything is settled, and you are raring to go. 


But before you fly off, you might be missing something. You are overseas in a foreign country, with a different healthcare system and with people that maybe speak an entirely different language. We don’t mean to scare you, but there is a lot that can go awry when you’re on holiday.  


That is why travel insurance is an integral part of any travel plan. It not only protects you from incurring additional costs that you otherwise would have to pay, but it also gives you the ease of mind that you need in your long awaited vacation. If you’re not convinced yet, here are five reasons you should purchase travel insurance before you go on your trip. 


  1. COVID-19 Protection 


The biggest nightmare would be contracting COVID-19 before your travels. This may seem unlikely, but with the cases in the tens of thousands in Singapore, you may never know when you might have to cancel your plans. You would need to postpone or cancel flights, deal with accommodations, and reschedule everything. Most of the time, you will make a monetary loss as well. Travel insurance makes sure that you do not need to carry this burden yourself. 


More recently, travel insurance has been factoring in COVID-19 into their plans with some providers having better coverage than others. So if this is a major concern of yours (and we understand if it is), be sure to do your research and find the best plan and provider for your needs.


  1. Emergency Medical Expenses


Just like the coronavirus, you might never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in. Getting accidentally ill or wounded overseas is not the most pleasant of experiences. 


This is more so the case if you are in countries like the United States, where medical expenses are through the roof and an overnight stay in the hospital can take a decent chuck from your savings. Maybe you are in other countries where you are concerned about the quality of care, even more so with a language barrier involved. 


To cover these costs and recommend suitable hospitals to get treatment, travel insurance can be your best travel buddy. Most insurers provide a decent amount of coverage for medical expenses, since this is what most people who take out travel insurance want the most protection against. 


  1. Travel and Luggage Dealy


Travel and luggage delays have always been a reality. But now with countries opening up and the surge of travel once again, airports are slowly matching pace with consumer demand. One look at the current situation in London’s Heathrow Airport where you will find massive queues and baggage stacked ceiling-high can attest to this fact. Delays are going to happen. 


If you have connecting flights, or are traveling with strict itineraries that need to be adhered to, toss-ups like these can be difficult to manage. Maybe with flight delays you need to book an overnight room, or with missing baggage you need to purchase some items. All this inevitably adds to your trip costs. This is the third reason you need travel insurance. Why pay out of your own pocket for a situation entirely out of your control?


All in all, travel insurance can save you a lot of time, energy, and money. For more information on the various providers and the types of plans they offer check out this page for all the information you need. Buckle up, your stress-free and exciting holiday awaits!